Dr. Mani Bhushan (Faculty)


Dr. Mani Bhushan

Assistant Professor,
Department of Civil Engineering

  |   [email protected]

Ph. D
Subject Expertise
Water Resource, Irrigation Engineering
Area Of Research
Drought Analysis, Crop yield optimization, Irrigation Water Management
List Of Publications
1. Prasun kumar, Shubham kumar, Pappu kumar and Dr. Mani Bhushan, Rainfall Prediction using artificial neural network and sequential modelling. International journal for Research Trends and Innovation. 5 (Issu 10), October - 2020, 01-09,. 2. Ritick Roshan Srivastava, Rajeev kumar, Pappu Kumar and Dr. Mani Bhushan, Design and Estimation of Intze Tank in Begusarai District, Bihar. Journal of Purakala. 31 (Issu 50), June - 2020, 213-220,. 3. Amit kumar, Sanjeev kumar, Rohit Raj, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Dr. Mani Bhushan, Experimental Study on the strength Layer of Road Pavement by CBR Method. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology. 07 (Issu 04) April – 2020, 1907-1913,. 4. M Bhushan and L. B. Roy, Optimization of Cropping Pattern with Conjunctive Use of Water Using Multi- Objective Fuzzy Linear Programming in Bhagwanpur Distributary of Eastern Gandak Project- A Case Study. Journal of Advance Research in Dynamical and Control Systems. 10 (Issu 05), July - 2018,373-388,. 5. Mani Bhushan and Dr. L. B. Roy, Soil and Land Irrigability Classification for Soils of Bhagwanpur Distributary of Gandak Irrigation Scheme in Bihar, India- A Case Study. Journal of Advance Research in Dynamical and Control Systems. 10 (Iss 06), May - 2018, 6. M Bhushan, Aditya raj and L. B. Roy, Droughts and their Analysis for Amritsar District in Punjab J. Indian Water Resource Soc. Vol.37, No. 3 July, 2017. 7. L B Roy, M.Bhushan ,R.Kumar, Climate Change in Bihar, India :A Case Study . Journal of Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering. 5(Iss. 3), Sept - 2016,140-146,.
Conference Attended (National/International)
1. Mani Bhushan, Souvik Mukherjee, Ashutosh Upadhyaya and L. B. Roy , Study of Groundwater Table Fluctuations in the Command Area of Bhagwanpur Distributary of the Eastern Gandak Project, Hydro. NIT Patna, December - 2018,. 2. Mani Bhushan and L B Roy, Optimal Irrigation planning in the Eastern Gandak project using linear programming a case study international conference on Advanced Engineering optimization through intelligent techniques at SVNIT Surat during 3-5 August, 2018. 3. Mani Bhushan and L. B. Roy, The Soil and Land irrigability Classification for Soils of Bhagwanpur distributary of Gandak Irrigation Scheme in Bihar, India- a Case Study, International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, June - 2018, . 4. Mani Bhushan and L B Roy, EIA of water resource projects-some issue on international environment Law and Right to Development on January 2018. 5. L. B. Roy and Mani Bhushan, Floods and Their Management With Special Reference to the Gandak Sub-Basin, “Incessant Ganga” Walmi Patna 155-167, February - 2017. 6. L B Roy, M. Bhushan and R. kumar, Climate Change in Bihar, India -A Case Study, “International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2016)”. Shanghai,China, July - 2016, . 7. L.B.Roy and Mani Bhushan, Droughts and their Impacts with Special Reference to Bihar , “CIVIONICS” – A National level Conference on “Recent Advancements and Innovations in Civil Engineering. 254-259, Bhopal, June - 2014,.
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